Beginner's Mini-Class

Use traditional glassblowing techniques to create a unique ornament, float or flowers using hot, molten glass. Once completed, we'll process the new art glass creations through our annealing oven for a controlled, overnight cool down. Length of the class varies, depending on the number of participants. Generally, I set aside 1 hour for groups of 4 people. The class can be for more or less, that just gives you an idea of how long it may take.
Class fee: $38 per participant.

Intermediate Mini-Class

Use traditional hot glass techniques to create a unique paperweight or pumpkin. Various shapes and designs possible, the finished piece will generally be in the 3" - 4" range.
Class fee: $50 per participant.

Advanced Mini-Class

Use traditional glassblowing techniques to create an art glass bowl or vase. We'll try to accommodate various popular shapes for the vases. The bowls will be the popular handkerchief or ruffle bowls. Approximate size of the projects will be 12".
Class fee: $90 per participant.

D-A-B-S (Design - Assemble - Bake - Slump)

This is an advanced fusion class. We have around 75 different shapes different shapes for slumping molds. The participant will design their piece and assemble the cold glass to the finished size. We will "bake" (fuse) the glass in the kiln, then place it on the slumping mold of your choice and run it back through the kiln. The resulting piece will be a plate, bowl, serving tray, candle holder, etc.
The project fee will depend on the size of the finished art glass piece.


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